Saturday, June 18, 2011

Malware Analyser 3.1

Welcome to Malware Analyser 3.1 release

Malware Analyser is a freeware tool to perform static and dynamic analysis of the malwares.

The features are:

String based analysis for registry, API calls, IRC Commands, DLL’s called and VMAware.

Display detailed headers of PE with all its section details, import and export symbols etc.

On distros, can perform an ASCII dump of the PE along with other options (check –help argument).

For windows, it can generate various section of a PE : DOS Header, DOS Stub, PE File Header, Image Optional Header, Section Table, Data Directories, Sections
ASCII dump on windows machine.

Code Analysis (disassembling)

Online malware checking (

Check for Packer from the Database.

Tracer functionality: Can be used to identify

Anti-debugging Calls tricks, File system manipulations Calls Rootkit Hooks, Keyboard Hooks, DEP Setting Change, Network Identification traces.

Signature Creation: Allows to create signature of malware.

Batch Mode Scan to Scan all DLL and Exe in directories and sub-directories

Download from Here